!Jetzt bei Doodle anmelden! Bedankt euch bei Darona, wir sind auf 100 Teilnehmer beschränkt. Ergatter einen Platz und feier 6 Jahre Kenfest mit uns.

KenFest 4

The 4th Edition of KENFEST is coming up!

Everyone is greatly invited to another Fest full of Kendama, Music, Homies, Drinks and good Vibes!! We will have two location options depending on the weather condition, so stay tuned where its going down.

The main Competitions are all day KEN-Battles for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Players. That way we want to make sure there is enough time to play with mostly everybody, connect, exchange ideas and just enjoy yourselves.
Besides that we will try out a 2 VS 2 Freestyle tournament! Everything is allowed and possible. Just team up with your Dama-buddy and get creative on stage!
Also we will have a bunch of mini-games, raffles and more fun to come..

Sponsors are going to be announced soon!!

We are currently working on places to stay for people from outside of Hannover, so just drop a message if you need a spot to crash for the night!

Also check the facebook event for further informations.

Peace ♥